Urge Lawmakers to Provide Robust Funding to HUD, Quickly Finalize FY 2018 Spending


The 2018 calendar year has begun, but Congress has still not finalized spending for the fiscal year 2018. Midway through the fifth month of the fiscal year, the government is operating off its fifth continuing resolution (CR) of the year. The current CR expires on Friday, March 23. 


Progress is being made, however. On February 9, Congress approved a two-year budget deal to increase spending caps for FY 2018 and FY 2019. This essentially starts the appropriations process all over again, as lawmakers will need to divide spending between the 12 appropriations bills and work to finalize drafts of spending bills. 


Your voice is critical to this process; decisions are being made now on how much funding HUD will receive. Contact your legislators today to tell them how important robust HUD funding is in your community and to quickly finalize spending for the current fiscal year. Please visit the NAHRO Advocacy Center at www.nahro.org/nahro-advocacy and follow the steps there to send a letter to your senators and representatives..