Speaker Request Form

NAHRO staff members are sometimes available to appear at events. They can speak on topics ranging from general NAHRO updates, updates on the latest Congressional activity, and new or emerging Executive Branch Policies impacting affordable housing and community development.

Below you will find criteria and necessary procedures to effectively make a request.

Meet the Speakers

NAHRO Leaders

Sunny Shaw
Sunny Shaw CME, C-PHM, President
Adrianne Todman
Adrianne Todman, CEO

Legislation, Advocacy and Congressional Relations

Tess Hembree
Tess Hembree, Director, Congressional Relations

Expertise: Housing Appropriations, Coalition Building, Housing Advocacy

Policy and Program Development

Georgi Banna
Georgi Banna, Director, Policy and Program Development

Expertise: HUD Regulatory Compliance; PHA Policy Development; PHA Operations
Tushar Gurjal
Tushar Gurjal, Section 8 Policy

Expertise: Housing Choice Voucher Program; Project-Based Voucher Program; Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing
Eric Oberdofer
Eric Oberdorfer, Public Housing Policy

Expertise: Public Housing Program, Moving to Work Demonstration; Rental Assistance Demonstration

Please send invitations for participation by completing and submitting the standard request form below.

NAHRO President
Please use the form above to submit your request for President Sunny Shaw's participation.

Chief Executive Officer
The Chief Executive Officer, Adrianne Todman, is usually requested to deliver the keynote address or the Washington Update.

NAHRO Staff speak to their areas of specialty, usually at a concurrent or breakout session. Except in extraordinary circumstances, no more than one NAHRO staff person will be scheduled to attend a single conference.

In order to assure fair consideration, we strongly encourage that requests are submitted at least 3 months in advance of the date of the event at which participation by NAHRO staff is requested. Please use the form below to request staff participation.


NAHRO President

The host is expected to pay:

  1.  airfare
  2.  ground transportation
  3.  meals
  4.  hotel accommodations.

The President would appreciate the host providing ground transportation to/from airport/hotel, if a convenient shuttle or cab is not available. Please note availability on the form.

Chief Executive Officer
NAHRO will pay airfare. It is NAHRO's preference that the host cover hotel accommodations.

The host is expected to pay hotel accommodations:

NAHRO will cover transportation on a case by case basis. Staff would appreciate the host providing ground transportation to/from airport/hotel, if a convenient shuttle or cab is unavailable.

There will be occasions in which it is not possible for NAHRO staff to participate in an event. In this regard, please be advised that NAHRO now has the capability to conduct interactive webcasts. When a particular request cannot be accommodated, NAHRO may suggest participation by webcast.

Fields marked as * are mandatory
Time of Presentation
If concurrent/break out session, list other invited panelists separated with a comma.
List the preferred presentation aids - PowerPoint presentation etc.
If handouts are requested, please enter the # of attendees.
Regional/Chapter and/or Executive Board Meeting
NAHRO Invitees
Have you invited any NAHRO staff or NAHRO officer to this event? If so, who have you invited? Please also give purpose and date of presentation?