Poll: Struggle for Affordable Housing Continues


WASHINGTON, February 29--

A poll released today by the Housing America Campaign indicates that nine out of ten Americans believe the provision of affordable housing is an important issue in their community; nearly two-fifths cite having a decent affordable place to live as their top priority. This represents an increase in responses of this kind to the same question asked last year. The poll also shows that affordable housing will affect the way Americans vote. Seventy-four percent said that presidential candidates' ideas for providing more affordable housing were important in determining for whom they would vote. Additionally, almost one-fifth of respondents reported being "directly affected" by the recent mortgage crisis. On a more positive note, the percentage of Americans who believe housing policy is on the right track increased slightly from last year's results.

The Housing America Campaign is a coalition of public, private and non-profit advocacy groups. In an event on Capitol Hill today, the Housing America partners reaffirmed their commitment to raising awareness of the need for and importance of housing and community development programs. The Campaign also released "Stand Up for Housing," a booklet containing signatures and comments from average Americans on what housing means to them. The booklet was presented to Representatives Barney Frank and Shelley Moore Capito, who also made brief remarks.

With regard to the current housing crisis, “Part of this problem came from the notion that housing only meant homeownership,” Rep. Frank said. “We need a range of housing opportunities for people.”

Housing America events will continue throughout the year in local communities throughout the country. For full poll results, click here.