NAHRO CEO Adrianne Todman's Statement on the FY 2021 Proposed Budget


Housing affordability and access to stable housing are critical issues for families across the country. Officials at the local and state level seek solutions that make sense, but they cannot do it alone; they need the continued support of the federal government. Affordable housing is not an isolated, urban issue only impacting low-income families; it is a nationwide crisis that also impacts the middle-class.

While we are pleased to see increases in programs that serve persons with disabilities and seniors, and service programs that help families achieve their potential, we are baffled by the elimination of the public housing capital fund, CDBG, and programs that increase housing supply (HOME and the Housing Trust Fund). Equally, reducing funding for both Native American housing programs and the operation of the voucher program — on the heels of a HUD report that suggest housing agencies need to increase private landlord outreach — is troubling. 

A 15 percent reduction in the HUD budget hurts communities and families. These families may be faceless and nameless at the national level, but they are ever present and sometimes desperate at the local level. Our country is blessed with abundant resources; we can and should do better.

Once again, we will turn to Congressional leaders to correct this wrong, as they thankfully have during the past several budget cycles. Here we go again...


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