Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leaders are a self-identified, diverse group of professionals who are interested in advancement in the housing and community development field. Emerging Leaders gain knowledge and integrate themselves into the industry through mentors, trainings, and conferences.  An Emerging Leader demonstrates leadership and is willing to contribute and share knowledge/ideas with others.

The Emerging Leader Award recognizes an individual who has been involved in NAHRO at the national, regional and/or chapter levelsfor at least five yearsand has distinguished him/herself as an Emerging Leader. Nominations must be submitted by someone other than the nominee.  Award winners can only receive the award once.  Please note: Nominees do not need to be a member of the Emerging Leaders Subcommittee.  

The nomination process for the Emerging Leaders Award will be open the week of April 24. 

Emerging Leader Award Scoring Criteria

The review committee will base its recommendations on the following prioritized list:

  • First, participation at the national level. (1-10)
  • Second, participation on the regional board or on a regional committee (both of equal value when scoring). (1-7)
  • Third, consider activities at the state chapter level, such as board position or committee work. (1-5)
  • Finally, consider activities that take place at the local level within their agency or within the community. (1-3)

When scoring the application, they will also keep in mind the following:

  • The nominees’ accomplishments that define him/her as an Emerging Leader.
  • How the region, chapter or local agency participated in the nominee’s leadership growth and any additional mentors involved in his/her evolution.
  • Boards or committees that the nominee participated that assisted in his/her leadership development.
  • Training opportunities that the nominee has participated in to promote his/her growth or that of his/her peers. (Training attended or conducted for others.)

Maximum points: 25

For additional information contact:

Lori Myers-Carpenter
877-866-2476, ext. 7221