All Trainings

  1. Affordable Housing ABCs: A Guide for new Commissioners & new staff
  2. Capital Fund Program-Updated with Final Rule
  3. Commissioners' Fundamentals
  4. Commissioners' Guide to Monitoring & Oversight
  5. Ethics for Commissioners (e-Learning)
  6. Ethics for Commissioners (in-person)
  7. Ethics for Management (e-Learning)
  8. Ethics for Specialists (e-Learning)
  9. Excellence in Customer Service (e-Learning)
  10. Executive Management & Leadership
  11. Executive Management & Board Relations
  12. Fair Housing w/ Proficiency Test
  13. Family Self-Sufficiency w/ Proficiency Test
  14. Intro. to Salary Studies (e-Learning)
  15. HCV Eligibility, Income and Rent Calculations w/ Certification Exam
  16. HCV Occupancy w/ Certification Exam
  17. HCV Occupancy, Eligibility, Income and Rent Calculation w/ Certification Exam
  18. HCV Homeownership w/ Proficiency Test
  19. HCV Homeownership w/ Proficiency Test (e-Learning)
  20. HCV Homeownership Calculation Intensive Workshop (e-Learning)
  21. HCV Project Based Vouchers w/ Proficiency Test
  22. High Performance Management: Creating a Positive Operations Management Environment for Optimum Productivity
  23. Housing Quality Standards (HQS) w/ Certification Exam
  24. HQS Refresher (e-Learning)
  25. Introduction to Mixed Finance Development for Public Housing Authorities
  26. Labor Standards (e-Learning)
  27. Managing Maintenance w/ Certification Exam
  28. Preparing for HAP Termination (e-Learning)
  29. Preparing for the Lease Termination, Hearing and Trial (e-Learning)
  30. Procurement & Contract Management
  31. Procurement & Contract Management Refresher (e-Learning)
  32. Property Management Essentials w/ Proficiency Test
  33. Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) w/ Proficiency Test
  34. Public Housing Eligibility, Income and Rent Calculation w/ Certification Exam
  35. Public Housing Manager (PHM) w/ Certification Exam
  36. Public Housing Occupancy w/ Certification Exam
  37. Public Housing Occupancy, Eligibility, Income and Rent Calculation w/ Certification Exam
  38. RAD Basics
  39. RAD Project-Based Vouchers w/ Certificaion Exam
  40. RAD Project-Based Rental Assistance (PBRA) w/ Certification Exam
  41. Resident Leadership
  42. Section 3 (e-Learning)
  43. Section 3 and Labor Standards: Job Opportunities for Low-Income Persons
  44. SEMAP (e-Learning)
  45. Site-Based Budgeting (e-Learning)
  46. Strategic Planning, Agency Development & Policy for Commissioners
  47. Succession Planning & Hiring Executive Staff (e-Learning)
  48. Succession and Sustainability Planning & CEO Search
  49. Uniform Physical Condition Standards (UPCS) w/ Certification Exam 
  50. Workshop for Executive Directors (in-person)
  51. Workshop for Executive Directors (e-Learning)

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