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News and information on the annual federal budget for housing and community development programs.

FY 2014 Budget & Appropriations ResourcesNAHRO Appropriations Letters and Statement

Appropriations Advocacy Materials and Funding Charts

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FY 2014 Budget & Appropriations Resources

Appropriations Advocacy Materials

To help you make the case for increased support of housing and community development programs, download these summary sheets below that show recent funding trends for the Public Housing Operating Fund, the Capital Fund program, HCV Administrative Fee funding, the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, and the Home Investment Partnerships (HOME) program.  NAHRO's annual funding charts are included in these materials.

NAHRO Information

NAHRO Appropriations Letters and Statements

  • NAHRO, Others Send Letter to House Appropriations Subcommittee on FY13 HUD Budget (6/1/12)

  • NAHRO's Letter to Senate and House Appropriators on the FY 13 HUD Budget (4/12/12)

  • Joint 302b Sign On Letter to the Committee on Appropriations (3/14/12)

  • Joint Letter to President Obama on CDBG, HOME Programs (12/15/11)

  • NAHRO, Others Send Letter to Financial Services Subcommittee on HOME Program (11/14/11)

  • NAHRO, Others Sends Letter on HOME Program to Conferees (11/14/11)

  • Joint Letter to Conferees on Funding for CDBG and HOME Programs (11/8/11)

  • NAHRO, Others Request Funds be Used Only for CDBG (11/8/11)

  • NAHRO Sends Letter to House and Senate Conferees (11/09/11)

  • CHCDF Sends Letter to House and Senate H.R. 2112 Conference Members (11/7/11)

  • Joint Letter in Support of CDBG and HOME Programs (10/21/11)

  • NAHRO Sends Another Letter to House and Senate Appropriators (10/11/2011)

  • CDBG Letter to THUD Subcommittee Asking to Oppose Reduction in Administrative Funding (9/14/11) 

  • NAHRO Sends Letter to House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, HUD (9/06/11)

  • NAHRO Sends Letter to the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (9/06/11)

  • NAHRO Sends Letter to House on USDA Appropriations Bill (6/11/2011)

  • CHCDF Letter on USDA Appropriations Bill (6/15/2011)

  • CDBG and HOME Letter to THUD Subcommittee (5/2011)

  • CHCDF Letter to Congress on FY 2012 302b Allocation (6/2011)

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