MSC Community Service Award


The award recognizes outstanding NAHRO Manufacturers and Suppliers Council (MSC) members and their staff engaged in voluntary community service for the benefit of a resident, a local housing authority, a community development agency, or other entity involved in providing low-income housing or serving that population. Typically, the service would be through the donation of money, goods, services, manpower, or mentoring.

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The Award was established in 2002 by the Executive Board of the MSC, an organization of NAHRO agency members that supply goods and services to the low- and moderate-income housing and the community development industry. NAHRO, established in l933, is a professional membership organization of more than 23,000 housing and community development agencies and professionals throughout the United States whose mission is to provide affordable housing and safe viable communities that enhance the quality of life for all Americans,especially those of low- and moderate income.


NAHRO Manufacturers and Suppliers Council agency members or individuals who work for companies that are MSC members. The Company must be a MSC member at the time of entry and when the award is presented. There may be only one submission per MSC company per year. You may not receive a second award for the continuation of the same service that was already presented an award.


To be eligible for the award, the community service activity must have taken place during the preceding three calendar years.


Certificates for Notable Community Service are given to MSC Companies/Individuals who have made a significant Community Service contribution. Additional recognition may be given to those who have distinguished themselves by making an extraordinary contribution. Entries are judged on their own merit according to the following criteria:

  • Results: What was done, when, where? What was the level of effort/donation? What was accomplished as a result? How did the Community Service meet a specific community need?
  • Innovation: Did the Activity reflect an innovative or unique approach to solving the problem or need?
  • Ongoing Involvement: Is there an ongoing commitment to continue (or a history of) the voluntary community service? For how long? Could this program be used as a model by another company in a different locale?
  • Role of MSC Company/Individual: Was the level for the size of the company above what would normally be expected by other companies in the private sector?


        Nominations must be submitted online by August 15, 2018.
        Recipients will be notified in September 2018.
        Presentation of Award:  For the Notable Entries, a framed certificate will be sent in September so that they can be displayed in the Exhibit Hall and noted in the Conference Program at the National Conference and Exhibition.  Any Awards for Distinguished Service will be a plaque, and will be given in person at a general session at the National Conference and Exhibition.



Apply online ( all applications must be submitted online)




Crews and Associates, Inc., Little Rock, AR


Constellation Energy


General Electric Company, Louisville, KY


Tenmast Software, Lexington, KY


Housing Authority Insurance Group (HAI), Cheshire, CT

Maintenance USA, Jacksonville, FL

Tenmast Software, Lexington, KY


PDQ Supply, Batavia, IL

Sears, Roebuck & Co., Hoffman Estates, IL

Happy Software, Saratoga Springs, NY

Bob Williams, MacGray, Cambridge, MA

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