NAHRO's 2018 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda- Coming Soon

NAHRO 2018 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda- Coming Soon!


Previous Legislative and Regulatory Agendas:

NAHRO's 2017 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda is entitled "Building & Strengthening America’s Communities." Following the 2016 election, Americans across the political spectrum are learning more about how Washington works and speaking up for what they believe. This energy has produced a sense of urgency and a desire for action. NAHRO believes this energy should be directed first toward helping those who have been left behind. Our most vulnerable citizens find a safe harbor and a place to call home in the work of public housing authorities. NAHRO members will continue to meet the challenge of building stronger communities and ensuring that all Americans have a stable, affordable place to call home in which they can live, grow and thrive.

This year’s agenda builds on our previous Transition 2017, Legislative and Regulatory Year in Review – 2016 documents. It also serves as an extension of our outreach to the new Congress, which introduces NAHRO and its positions. The 2017 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda provides specific priorities and positions that will guide the NAHRO legislative and regulatory roadmap for the coming year. Please read, review, and share NAHRO’s 2017 Legislative and Regulatory Agenda, and feel free to use it to develop and coordinate your agency, local, county, state and regional legislative and regulatory advocacy plans for 2017.


To download NAHRO's 2017 Legislative Agenda, click here.

Priority Pages

The Legislative Agenda includes four Priority Pages that spotlight one or more of the programs in which NAHRO members participate.  The Priority Pages are intended to give depth to the overall agenda, but are also designed to be able to stand alone as individual advocacy pieces.